Macbook 12" - Clear Protection Series

2 different colors & patterns 


    Stylish Protection for your MacBook 12" (early 2015)

    great protector with our optically clear & matte urethane film

    made from highest quality urethane film

    for bubble & fingerprint free results, highly recommend "wet install" for front and back skins
    side wraps can be installed "dry method"
    speaker cutouts are not individual circle cuts
    screw cutouts next to charger are not present
    allow 1 to 4 days for cloudy haze on the screen to disappear 
    installation on type 1 back is rated difficult with a great deal of patience, highly recommend viewing installation videos below


      Now you can choose different colors for each section.

      choose from 1st drop down menu

      Top, Bottom, Keyboard
      Keyboard only
      Bottom only
      Top only
      Wrist Guard only - includes matching Mouse Pad (trackpad) Skin
      Mouse Pad (trackpad) Skin
      Screen Bezel only
      Keyboard Skin Choice

      choose from drop down menu, if your kit contains a keyboard skin

      Regular - 2 piece design
      Extreme - 1 piece design
      Bottom Skin Choice

      choose from drop down menu, if your kit contains a bottom skin

      Regular - covers to edge of bottom plate for removable, with border around rubber feet
      Extreme - covers entire bottom without borders around rubber feet



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