Placing an order

Q: why can I not finish the order on my present page?

A: because Paypal is the central merchant account whether you are using credit card or a Paypal account, the present page jumps to Paypal's account verification then it jumps back to our secure side of checkout. This is where you choose the shipping, input gift card / promo codes, and confirm order.

Damaged Product

Q: what should I do when my package was damaged?

A: immediately snap some pictures of the damaged package and content and email to support@stickerboy.net


Q: what do I do when a skin kit does not fit?

A: immediately snap some pictures and email to support@stickerboy.net.  Do not discard the kit.  Pictures will help our support team distinguish between wrong models ordered, sent, etc….


Q: why has my international package's info stopped in NJ, or NY?

A: once the package takes flight, info stops at USA border, info is then send to Customs.