Sony PS Vita - Feather Lite Series

4 different colors & patterns 


    Stylish Protection for your Sony PS Vita

    Matte Metallic Light Blue >> ultra smooth matte finish, metallic, lighter than standard blue
    Royal Blue Brushed Metal >> dark as navy, lighter in well - lit areas, mild metallic, brushed metal texture
    Matte Black >> ultra smooth matte finish
    Matte Military Green >> ultra smooth matte finish, army green
    made from Thinner High Quality Vinyl Films, up to 60% thinner than our other films
    features Air Channel Release Adhesive resulting in NO BUBBLES
    recommend heating rounded edges with household hair dryer for better adhesion and shaping corners
    skins are decorative stickers to cover your device, devices not included

          Full Kit - 1 piece top, 3 piece bottom, 5 piece sides 
          Top Only - 1 pieces
          Bottom Only - 3 pieces
          Sides Only - 5 pieces (4 pieces for wifi model + 1 piece for 3G cutout model)  

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