Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Skins - Carbon Fiber Series

11 different colors & patterns 


    Stylish Protection for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

    true look, feel, and braided weave texture of dry carbon fiber, fibre
    great to protect, cover scratches, give it a cool new look
    made from highest quality Laminate Film used in the architectural design industry
    durable heavy duty film features Air Channel Release Adhesive resulting in NO BUBBLES
    recommend heating rounded edges with household hair dryer for better adhesion and shaping corners
    skins are decorative stickers to cover your device, devices not included

    Combo 1 - 1 Front (1 piece style), 1 Front (2 piece style), Back, 2 Sides
    Combo 2 - 1 Front (1 piece style), 1 Front (2 piece style), Back, 2 Sides, Center Screen Guard
    Combo 3 - 1 Front (1 piece style), 1 Front (2 piece style), Back
    Combo 4 - 1 Front (1 piece style), 1 Front (2 piece style), Back, Center Screen Guard
    Combo 5 - Back, 2 Sides
    Front only - 1 Front (1 piece style), 1 Front (2 piece style)
    Back only
    Sides only - 2 complete side wraps
    Camera cover only - 2 Camera
    Home buttons only - 2 Home buttons

    Center screen guard only

    Installation tip

    when installing the sides, start with left and right side, then install top by aligning ports, heating required for rounded corners

    Optional center screen guard
    made from 3M Optically Clear Urethane Film
    requires wet method using soapy alcohol based solution example, glass cleaner

    allow 24 hrs for haze to clear


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