Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Skins - Feather Lite Series


4 different colors & patterns 


    Stylish Protection for your Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    Matte Metallic Light Blue >> ultra smooth matte finish, metallic, lighter than standard blue
    Royal Blue Brushed Metal >> dark as navy, lighter in well - lit areas, mild metallic, brushed metal texture
    Matte Black >> ultra smooth matte finish
    Matte Military Green >> ultra smooth matte finish, army green
    made from Thinner High Quality Vinyl Films, up to 60% thinner than our other films
    features Air Channel Release Adhesive resulting in NO BUBBLES
    recommend heating rounded edges with household hair dryer for better adhesion and shaping corners
    skins are decorative stickers to cover your device, devices not included

      Combo 1 - Front, Back, Sides (2 complete side wraps)
      Combo 2 - Back, Sides (2 complete side wraps)
      Combo 3 - Front, Back, Sides (2 complete side wraps) & Wrist guard (no fingerprint ID), Track pad, Bottom for Type Cover

      Combo 4 - Front, Back, Sides (2 complete side wraps) & Wrist guard (fingerprint ID), Track pad, Bottom for Type Cover

      Back only
      Front only
      Side only - 2 complete side wraps
      Bottom only for Type Cover
      Wrist guard only (no fingerprint ID) for Type Cover- includes track pad
      Wrist guard only (fingerprint ID) for Type Cover - includes track pad

      Track pad only for Type Cover

      Can choose a Solid or Square border cut around the logo for kits containing back skins 




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      Robert V.Robert V.
      Simply perfect  11/30/15
      Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
      The graphite carbon fiber skins for my Surface Pro 4 are simply perfect. What a great product, I strongly recommend these skins for the Surface Pro 4. The backplate of the Surface needs protection for scratches and to my taste the skins are the best looking, thinnest solution to this problem.
      Ayman T.Ayman T.
      I have it for a  11/28/15
      Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
      I have it for a few days now and it's perfect
      Ryan W.Ryan W.
      Pastel grey matches the Surface magnesium excellent!  11/25/15
      Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
      These skins are very nice, high quality and easy to install. I chose the pastel grey matte antibacterial for my surface pro 4 and I'm pleased to say it a near perfect match to the original color of the device. The skin covers the whole device and also includes power and volume button, as well as a small piece for the kickstand openings! So far so good as I've only had it on for about a week but I'm very happy with the product. :)
      Samuel M.Samuel M.
      Great Quality  11/19/15
      Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
      The shipping was extremely fast from these guys. I ordered the full set of brushed aluminum metal for a Surface Pro 4 and it turned out really well with no issues at all while applying the skins. The texture of the skin really surprised me, as it does have a brushed metal feel to it, even though it's only a sticker. The adhesive of the stickers is 3M and is very good. I expect this skin to last for a long time. I almost forgot to mention how precise the skins are going around all buttons, cameras and all other curvatures of the surface pro 4 (including the attached keyboard). Awesome buy!
      Ali I.Ali I.
      Excellent  10/27/15
      Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star

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