iPhone X 10 - Skin/Wrap Collection


    Stylish Protection for your iPhone X

    Stickerboy offers the most selection of colors, patterns, and variations
    great protection, cover up scratches
    bored of the original looks? give it a cool new look!
    made from highest quality films used in the architectural design industry
    recommend heating rounded edges with household hair dryer for better adhesion and shaping corners

    skins are decorative stickers to cover your device, devices not included

    About the Films:
    Antibacterial Series
    enhance with an Antimicrobial Coating
    all colors except Stealth >> has fine powder coated, light sand grit, matte, industrial finish
    Black and White Stealth >> has super smooth Matte finish with no texture

    2016 Lime green is darker than previous, 2016 Sti pink is lighter than previous

    Carbon Series

    true look, feel, and braided weave texture of dry carbon fiber, fibre

    Designer Series

    enhance with an abstract pattern, gold swirls and scratches

    Feather Lite Series
    made from thinner High Quality Vinyl Films, up to 60% thinner than our other films & features Air Channel Release Adhesive resulting in NO BUBBLES
    Matte Metallic Light Blue >> ultra smooth matte metallic finish
    Royal Blue Brushed Metal >> dark as navy, mild metallic, brushed metal texture
    Matte Black >> ultra smooth matte finish

    Matte Military Green >> ultra smooth matte finish, army green

    Leather Series
    true look, feel, and texture of leather,  without the soft pressure sensitivity of real leather
    made from synthetic films resembling leather
    Black Leather >> matte finish with small texture, uniform look
    Brown Leather >> matte finish with small texture, uniform look

    Dark Brown Leather >> dark as coffee or dark chocolate color, medium sized texture, vintage worn out uneven look

    Metal Series

    true look, feel, and texture of brushed metal aluminum

    Matte Metal Series
    enhance with a look of satin, matte, metallic, sandblasted textured finish
    Stone Series
    Coarse Concrete >> Pigments of white, black, grey with uniform pattern

    Layered Concrete >> Pigments of white, black, grey, beige with a linear pattern

    Wood Series
    true look, feel, and texture of Real Wood
    Persimmon >> is a large scale pattern, skins may be light medium or dark

      Combo 1 -  Back Type 1, Back Type 2, Sides (2 full sets used with Type 2 Backs)
      Combo 2 -  Back Type 1, Back Type 2, Sides (2 full sets used with Type 2 Backs), 2 Urethane Screen Guards (Extreme edge to edge fit)
      Combo 3 - Back Type 1, Back Type 2, Sides (2 full sets used with Type 2 Backs), 2 Urethane Screen Guards (case friendly fit)
      Individual Sections only

      2 Camera covers

      **Optically Clear/Matte Urethane Films require wet method using soapy alcohol based solutions, example glass cleaner. Allow 24 hrs for haze to clear**

      Q: What is advantage of Urethane screen guards over tempered glass?
      A: Urethane can resist shock/pressure while tempered glass cracks/chips with a small tap
      A: Urethane can protect along the curved edges of the glass while tempered can not





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