About Us

Stickerboy is the new standard of Stylish Protection for your device, owned and operated in America.
 Unlike competitors that recently started "in their garage and basement", Stickerboy has been around for over 25 years experiencing skinning interior & exterior buildings for development / commercial reality groups, clothing lines, auto / drag / moto / motorcycle racing groups across the USA, auto dealerships, conventions, custom RV's / buses / trackers / trailers / boats / yachts / cruise liners / municipality fleet equipments and vehicles, private labeling, along with the 1st 100% electric tracker truck imported to USA debuted at Rutgers Earth Day. To name some of the accounts, Total Racing Oil, Vis Racing, Ground Design, Otb, Royal Caribbean, MTA, Pc Richards, Nissan, Toyota, US open, ReMax, US Customs and Border Patrol, and more…...
 Produced by the highest quality films + state of the art machinery + precise accurate designs 
excellent installation methods + MADE in USA
= #1 rated products