Purple Carbon Fiber - iPod Touch 5th Gen Skins

Stylish Protection for your iPod Touch 5th Gen without the bulk of a case
  • true look and feel of dry carbon fiber, fibre
  • great to protect, cover scratches, give it a cool new look

  • made from highest quality 3M Di-Noc and High Grade Laminate Film used in the architectural design industry
  • durable heavy duty film features Air Channel Release Adhesive resulting in NO BUBBLES
  • these are not hard cases.  Devices not included.  Skins are decorative stickers used to cover your device.


Front, Back
Front only 
Back only

Back Skin Types

Type 1
    covers to the edge, *may have a fine line around the edge to prevent the film hanging over the edge*
    corners stop near the center of the corner arch, competitors stop before the arch
    heating required with household hair dryer

Type 2
    exposes the edge
    edge stop near the center of the corner arch
    minor heating required with household hair dryer

Optional center screen guard  (must choose Clear in first drop down menu, and **add Center screen guard** in second drop down menu)
    made from 3M Optically Clear Urethane Film
    can be installed dry or wet method using soapy alcohol based solution
    example, Glass Cleaner.

**heating with household hair dryer required for rounded edges**


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