Fluorescent Green - Beats Pro Skins

Stylish Protection for your Beats by Dre Pro headphones
  • bright neon colors
  • great to protect, cover scratches, give it a cool new look
  • beats headphones are not included
  • made to Fit Genuine Beats by Dre, NOT Counterfeits
    *Skins will no longer have logos*
  • made from high quality Vinyl Films
  • these are not hard cases.  Devices not included.  Skins are decorative stickers used to cover your device.


Full Body Regular
additional Center Circles - great for contrasting colors
additional Outer Pivot Joint - great for contrasting colors
additional Logo Collar - great for contrasting colors

Q: What is included in Full Body Wrap Skin Kit, Regular Edition?

A: Full Body Regular
1 pair of Logo Collar Skins (1 piece construction) - wraps around the Logo and the inner two screws
1 pair of Outer Pivot Joint Skins (1 piece construction)
1 pair of Inner Pivot Joint Skins
1 pair of Earbud Skins (1 piece contruction), Heating not required.
1 pairs of Earbud Center Circle Skins

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