Leather Series - Blackberry Playbook

Stylish Protection for your Blackberry playbook without the bulk of a case. Thin, Sleek, Sexy, & Elegant Skins by Stickerboy.

• Give your Playbook a Cool New look with our Leather Series Skin Kits.
• Enhance your Playbook with a true look and feel and feel of leather.
• Most people will not be able to tell the different from the real finish.
• Real leather has a tendency to fall off unless permanently glued on and get fuzzy around the border.
• Protect your front & rear glass of light scratches and abrasions from every day usage. 
• Easy to apply, Easy to remove barely leaving any residue, use alcohol if needed.
• Can be used with docks, cases, pouches.

What comes in the Kit?

1 x Back & 1 x Front Skin

• Made from highest quality Laminate Film Superior to 3M used in the architectural design industry.
• This durable heavy duty film features a special Air Channel Release Adhesive resulting in NO BUBBLES.

• These Skins are synthetic leather, closest to real leather.
• Skins are decorative stickers used to cover your device.

Available in:

Dark Brown Leather - very dark, similar to dark chocolate or dark coffee beans
White Leather
Black Leather - matte finish, dry as a European car seat.
Anthracite Silver Leather

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