Antibacterial/Powder Coated/Matte Series - iMac 21.5" Skins

Stylish Protection for your iMac. Thin. Sleek. Sexy. Elegant. The Antibacterial/Powder Coated/Matte Series Full Body Wrap Skin Kits. 

• Give your iMac 21.5" (late 2009 to 2011) a Cool New look with our Antibacterial/Powder Coated/Matte Series iMac Skin Kits.
• All colors have a fine powder coated matte finish.
• Each film is antibacterial, prevents bacterial and mold from harvesting.
• Great way to protect and/or cover up your scratches.
• Easy to apply, easy to remove leaving no residue, use alcohol if needed.

• Made from highest quality 3M Di-Noc and Superior Laminate Film used in the architectural design industry.
• This durable heavy duty film features a special Air Channel Release Adhesive resulting in NO BUBBLES.
• Skins are decorative stickers used to cover your device.
• These are not hard cases.
• Black and White Stealth smooth finishes are not offered.

Q: What is included with the Kit?
A: There are 2 types.

1.  Extreme Kit - includes the Lower Skin (covers the silver section ), Upper Skin (covers the screen),
Stand Skin, and Apple Insert

2.  Regular Kit - includes the Lower Skin and Stand Skin.

A: Or separate Skins can be purchased.

Click to select Apple Insert


Available in:

Neon Orange 
Formula 1 Red 
Lime Green 
Dark Plum Purple 
Bright Kelly Green 
Sti Pink
Pastel Grey 
Battleship Grey 

Black and white Stealth smooth are not available 

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