iPhone SE/5S/5 - Skin Collection



    Stylish Protection for your iPhone SE/5S/5

    Stickerboy offers the most selection of colors, patterns, and variations
    great protection, cover up scratches
    bored of the original looks? give it a cool new look!
    made from highest quality films used in the architectural design industry
    recommend heating rounded edges with household hair dryer for better adhesion and shaping corners
    skins are decorative stickers to cover your device, devices not included

      Combo 1 - Front, Back, 2 Sides (regular)

      Combo 2 - Front, Back, 2 Sides (regular), Center Screen Guard

      Combo 3 - Front, Back, 2 Sides (extreme)

      Combo 4 - Front, Back, 2 Sides (extreme), Center Screen Guard

      Combo 5 - Front, Back, 2 Sides (regular with chamfer)

      Combo 6 - Front, Back, 2 Sides (regular with chamfer), Center Screen Guard

      Combo 7 - Front, Back, 2 Sides (extreme with chamfer)

      Combo 8 - Front, Back, 2 Sides (extreme with chamfer), Center Screen Guard

      Combo 9 - Front, Back

      Combo 10 - Front, Back, Center Screen Guard

      Combo 11 - Back, 2 Sides (regular)

      Combo 12 - Back, 2 Sides (extreme)

      Combo 13 - Back, 2 Sides (regular with chamfer)

      Combo 14 - Back, 2 Sides (extreme with chamfer)

      Individual Sections only
      Front only
      Back only 
      Mid back only
      2 Sides (regular) only
      2 Sides (extreme) only
      2 Sides (regular with chamfer) only
      2 Sides (extreme with chamfer) only

      Center screen guard only

      Please note Chamfers require heating several times with household hair dryer.

      Optional center screen guard
      can be added to any order containing front skin
      made from 3M Optically Clear Urethane Film
      requires wet method using soapy alcohol based solution example, glass cleaner

      allow 24 hrs for haze to clear