Samsung Gear S Skin kits are now available for purchase on stickerboy!

Samsung Gear S skin kits are now available on Stickerboy. Wrap up your device with our new skin kits and protect it from scratches and dings. Give it a whole new look for that summer time fun or vacation.

You get 2 watch skins for your Samsung Gear S which means you can mix and match the colors giving it that unique fresh look that people will take notice on.

Our Skins are made from highest quality Laminate Film that are used in the architectural design industry. Also, the durable heavy duty film features Air Channel Release Adhesive resulting in NO BUBBLES!

No sticky adhesive left behind when you peel the sticker off!

There are over 60 different patterns and designs available.


Click here to purchase your Samsung Gear S skin kit series


Royal Blue Brushed Metal Feather Lite

White Leather

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