Battleship Grey Matte Antibacterial - Pebble Watch Skins

Stylish Protection for your Pebble Watch
  • enhance with an Antimicrobial Coating
  • great to protect, cover scratches, give it a cool new look

  • has fine powder coated, light sand grit matte industrial finish
  • film is antibacterial, prevents bacterial and mold from harvesting
  • mobile devices are rated #1 in harvesting bacteria since they get warm
  • made from highest quality 3M Di-Noc and High Grade Laminate Film used in the architectural design industry
  • durable heavy duty film features Air Channel Release Adhesive resulting in NO BUBBLES.
  • recommend heating edges with household hair dryer for better adhesion
  • skins are decorative stickers to cover your device, devices not included

Package Content
  • each kit comes with 3 x Front Skins
  • center screen guards are optional, sold in 4 x pack.  Made of optically clear urethane film.  "Wet method" installation recommended.  Please allow 24 hours for the cloudy haze to disappear.

How to order
  • title is your color choice
  • use 2nd drop down menu to add optional center screen guards, sold in 4 x pack
  • use 3rd drop down menu to choose second color
  • use 4th drop down menu to choose third color
  • if second & third colors are not chosen, we are assuming all 3 x Front Skins are same color

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